Latest changes
Since the article was published, I've done some small changes to the demo application. Some changes were made to address typos, other to clarify functionality. Special thanks goes to Stephen M. Edgington for his help in finding the bugs.

1) In "The sample PHP application and the LotusScript agent" section, "dominomail.php" is incorrect file name, it should be "main.php" instead.
2) PHP application uses local DNS name "" to locate the Domino server. In order to make it work on your server, modify main.php and urlfunction.php to point to the right IP number and to the right mail database (instead of "jdoe.nsf"). You can do this by changing "" to "" (or whatever IP/DNS your server has) and "jdoe.nsf" to "anymaildb.nsf" in main.php (3 places) and urlfunctions.php (1 place).
3) In some places in the code "<?" is used instead of "<?php". The correct usage is "<?php", but both variations should work fine.
4) People who enters their email in the Live demo and waits to receive an email:
In the live demo, the mails are not send anywhere, they are just saved with "sent" parameter to Sent folder. The application only emulates send operation. That's why "From" field is empty. Uncomment doc.send(false) in the agent to actually send the email.
5) Sometimes live demo doesn't work. This is because I stop or restart the Domino server located at my home. The downtime can be several hours, most often after GMT 23:30.
6) Reported but yet not tested bug: location of agent in the database folder structure affects it's functionality?

Future plans
Limit the number of document in views to 50 and add navigation to next set of documents.

Created by: Andrei Kouvchinnikov
This application is created for demo purposes only
and not tested in production environment.
The application is provided "AS IS" and without any
support or warranty.