Lotus Notes, Sametime and Java working together

Sametime and Domino solutions
Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime software made easy
Our Vision

Our mission is to prove the excellence of Domino platform and deliver innovative solutions to our customers, providing high quality service and reliable software.

Our logotype consists of 3 gear wheels.
The big yellow gear wheel symbolises Domino, it is platform for hosting Java and Sametime, which are symbolised by blue and grey gears.

Take advantage of latest technologies.
Higher ROI for our customers and partners, reduced costs due to latest achievements in software engineering. Our software supports latest technologies, including Web Services, Linux and open source initiatives.

Give users and developers the tools they need.
With right applications in place, and embracing new technologies, we're setting our goal to meet the needs of the increasing demand of automated management of routine tasks. We provide administrators and developers with software which make their work more productive.

Focus on innovation.
Expand usability of Domino and Sametime beyond standard thinking. You can use Domino to so much more than simple data storage and Intranet server.

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