Lotus Notes, Sametime and Java working together

Sametime and Domino solutions
Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime software made easy

Product Overview

We develop applications for IBM Lotus Domino , Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) and Java.

Sametime Agents Sametime Agent (STAgent)
This solution transforms your LotusScript and Java agents into powerful collaboration tools.
  • Simple copy-paste procedure enables your agents to perform most common Sametime tasks.
  • Enhance flow of internal processes and application-to-user interactive communication.

Whether to send a sametime message or announcement to users, or to just check user's online status, Botstation Agent provides you with ready to use code for immediate use.

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Sametime Bot Sametime Bot
An excellent addition to your Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) infrastructure. Easy to maintain and expand, this automated intelligent agent provides a single point of entry to many internal systems via a simple interactive interface of Sametime client.
  • Users can ask Bot common questions through their Sametime client, web browser or PDA and get an immediate response.
  • Administrators can trigger execution of tasks, create reports from RDBMS databases.
  • Developers can give Sametime users access to functionality available in Domino agents.
  • Sales people can look up customer info obtained from different sources in a matter, look up phone number of work colleges while out of office using a cell phone or PDA.
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SMS123 Larm-O-Matic
Don't let that two-times-a-week failing HR agent bother your sleep again - monitor it using Larm-O-Matic!

Larm-O-Matic automates checking of
  • servers' status
  • agents' functionality
  • replication conflicts
  • number of documents in different replicas
  • number of documents in important views
  • status of files on network
  • check that web server is running
.. and many other things you previously needed to do manually.

Ensuring that Service Level Agreements are met, problems are quickly reported to the people responsible and solved before user notices that problem ever existed, Larm-O-Matic makes your everyday tasks easier, allowing you to concentrate on other things.
Sametime AJAX client WAP Address Book (WAPNAB)
WAP AddressBook gives your users secure access to company's address book while they are out of the office.

Using their WAP-enabled mobile phone, users can quickly lookup co-workers' phone number, cell phone, e-mail address.
You can access virtually any information you want, all from your cell phone.

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