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November 2008
STWidget is updated and released on it's own site www.stwidget.com
August 2008
Sametime Bot v2.3 released. Improved functionality of multi-step questions.
June 2008
SMS123 application is now available as hosted solution with multiple SMS gateways.
September 2007
Regular Expression pattern matching added to Sametime Bot to handle incoming requests.
September 2007
Sametime Bot v2.2 released. More efficient handling of calls to Domino API.
May 2007
Sametime Bot v 2.1 released. Introducing menu-driven navigation which helps user to get the answer without learning bot commands. Online demo.
April 2007
SMS123 application is available as live web trial upon request.
Februri 2007
WAPNAB application is updated and is available as live web demo.
January 2007
STWebContact web chat application changes name to STWidget and is available as online demo.
October 2006
Articlei Kouvchinnikov's article about integration of Skype API with Lotus Notes is published in The View magazine.
27 July 2006
New Sametime application STWebContact is soon to be released. STWebContact is a web GUI client implemented in AJAX and does not require Java or ActiveX.
1 June 2006
Documentation for SMS123 is being finished and the software will be released soon.
9 May 2006
Andrei Kouvchinnikov publishes a new article on IBM DeveloperWorks web site (notes.net)
"Building PHP-based UIs for IBM Lotus Domino"
31 January 2006
Congratulations to Andrei Kouvchinnikov with his new article on IBM DeveloperWorks web site (notes.net)
"The DigestSearch method for Lotus Domino databases"
October 2005
SMS123 is added to the online store
19 July 2005
STAgent is updated with better support for use in servlets. More code examples added and documentation updated.
20 May 2005
With help of leading provider of Internet sales solutions Element 5, we now can offer our products for purchase online.
3 May 2005
Evaluation versions are now available for instant download.
23 April 2005
Evaluation versions are now easier to download. Requester receives an email from us with download link within 3 hours after registration. Fully automated instant download will be implemented soon.
16 April 2005
We added several new programming examples to the Code Vault
3 April 2005
Congratulations to our development team which actively participated in creation of new tutorial about Web Services in Domino 7, published on IBM DeveloperWorks web site (notes.net)
"Quickly create Domino Web services: New Web services function in Domino 7 speeds development"

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