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Programmatically export contacts from Notes Address Book to Outlook - Export people from Lotus Notes to VCard fromat, which can be imported into Outlook's address book.

POST data to LotusScript agent using AJAX - Send text located in a DIV tag to a LotusScript agent and update the DIV tag with response data received back from the agent.

Create nested directories - Creates the full directory path without you having to create all thesubdirectories. Uses Windows API.

Very fast import from Excel to Notes - Import data from Excel cells into Notes. Very fast code using Range method of Excel OLE object to read the whole datasheet.

Show Explorer-style file dialog in Lotus Notes - A Windows API alternative to standard notesUIWorkspace.OpenFileDialog method in LotusScript.

Simple XML processor using MS XMLHTTP - Programmatically download an XML-based web page, parse it and show result to user.

Download a page from web server - Programmatically download a web page.

Read from Windows Event Log - Programmatically read entries from Windows Event Log.

Read and Write to shared drive - Functions to programmatically map a network drive using username and password. Read and write to mapped drive.

Web-based view2excel exporter - Export data from any view to excel using web browser

Fast view2excel exporter - Export data from any view to excel (LotusScript agent). Several times faster than Simple Exporter.

Simple view2excel exporter - Export data from any view to excel (LotusScript agent)

Compare documents in 2 replicas - Find missing documents in 2 replicas of database

Simple Web Services client - Access Web Services from agent (LotusScript agent using MSSOAP object)

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