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WAP NAB Benefits

wap benefits
  • Give your sales and management personel access to corporate data wherethere they are and at any time of the day
    Using this applications gives your employees a flexible way of accessing selected corporate information from virtually anywhere in the world without any computer equipment. The only thing they need is a cell phone.
  • Give more value to your customers by flexible access to data
    You can also use the application to give your customers and external consultants temporary access to limited information without putting them to your corporate NAB. Customers can track status of their orders, read selected news from WAP phone of web browser.
  • No need for computer
    Access information with cell phone as your only tool
  • Secure login
    Prevent unathorized users to access application and secure access with industry standard SSL connection.
  • Better control of external users
    Add temporary users to a temporary database instead of corporate NAB. They have access only to selected WAP applications and nothing else.
You can restrict and grant access to information based on following:
  • Name of users
  • Belonging to user groups in Domino Directory
  • Cell phone models (Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens)
  • WAP Gateway's IP number (Vodafone, Comviq, Orange)

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