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Java for Domino

We can develop your Domino code using Java and migrate your existing LotusScript agents to Java. We also create stand-alone Java applications for accessing Domino. Advantages of Java:

  • Multithreading allows you to run code several times faster.
    You can save hours of work updating documents in a huge database using Java agent compared to LotusScript agent. Using Java and JDBC you can multiply speed of data fetching from DB2 server to Domino.

  • Object-oriented language supported by software giants such as Sun and IBM.
    Many software and hardware vendors have support for Java, which makes it very attractive choice for developers creating applications which will be used on different plattforms. Write once and run everywhere truly applies to Java, which can be run on hardware from Intel, AMD, IBM, Sun. You can even run your application on mobile phones which supports for J2ME.
    Windows, Linux, Macintosh, OS400, Sun Solaris, all these OS have support for running Java applications, in some of them it's integrated in the OS as part of default installation.

  • Re-usable code and support available on Internet.
    You can find a lot of examples done by thousands of other people, get new ideas, get answers to your questions in many forums. You can share your code if you think it can be valuable to other people.

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