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Domino monitoring with Larm-O-Matic

domino surveillanceThe purpose of Larm-O-Matic Domino application is to provide Domino administrators and developers with easy configurable tool to monitor important Domino functions. It is extremly important in environments where a failed agent, missed replication or unavailable server can cause unpredictable results for other applications.

Here are some examples of functionality
which Larm-O-Matic can monitor:

check that scheduled agent runs at specified times
check that number of documents in replica databases are the same
check that critical views do not have more (or less) documents than they normally should have
check that a certain file exists on network and have a certain size
check that Notes server or external/internal web server is answering

With Larm-O-Matic you can easily specify which Domino functions you want to monitor and avoid doing manual check every 3 hours to ensure that your AS400-to-Notes synchronization agent is still running or that your HelpDesk application does not have 50 urgent issues waiting for action.

When application finds failed functions, it creates an alert, which can be send to responsible persons using several ways:
as an email to administrator's mailbox
as Sametime message to administrator's Sametime client
as SMS message to administrator's mobile phone
saved in Alerts database and available for access from WAP-enabled mobile phones and ordinary web browsers.

Saving to Alerts database and accessing it through WAP-enabled devices makes it easy for administrators to monitor server functionality from any place and at any time. When not in the office, administrator can use his mobile phone or Blackberry to browse to secure web page and see if there are any problems which need to be resolved.

What is Larm-O-Matic

Application for scheduled monitoring of important functions in Domino databases. Flexible options for alarming the administrator.

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