Lotus Notes, Sametime and Java working together

Sametime and Domino solutions
Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime software made easy

Larm-O-Matic Features

Following logging and notification types are supported:

  • Run an agent
  • Log to database
  • Send mail to responsible
  • Send Sametime message to responsible
  • Log to WAP-enabled database for access from mobile device
  • Send SMS to responsible
  • Take no action
Here are some of the alarm conditions you can create:
  • Agent failed to run at specified times
  • Compare number of documents in 2 databases
  • Notes/Domino server is down
  • Web server is down
  • SQL server is down
  • Replication failed
  • Too many or too few documents in a view
  • Too many or too few documents in a database
  • Check if a file exists on local/network drive, check it's size and last change time
  • Check user's online status on Sametime
  • Connect to specified port of a computer
  • Check if database has replication conflicts
  • Check that user/group is in ACL of specified database
Larm-O-Matic consists of 2 Notes databases:
  • Database which runs the monitoring agent
  • Database where WAP alerts are stored

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