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Sametime and Domino solutions
Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime software made easy

Larm-O-Matic Benefits

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  • Automate routine tasks for administrators
    Do not let your Order System go down and Customer support receive requests 4 hours late only because it is too boring to do manual check of that web agent and mail database.
  • Monitor your servers 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Whether it is Monday, Friday, or Saturday 9 o'clock in the evening, Larm-O-Matic is watching your system and ready to take immediate action and notify administrator.
  • Different options for alarming administrator
    You can choose to be notified of errors in different ways. Besides regular log in the database, you can send SMS about urgent alerts. When alarm is triggered, you can choose to run an agent which can fix the error and notify administrator by email that he must do a follow-up of the automated fix.
  • Check system status from your vacation on Hawaii
    With WAP-enabled mobile phone you can easily get an overview of triggered alarms and decide to take appropriate action. From any place in the world where your mobile phone works.

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