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STAgent - Sametime API for LotusScript agents

Have you ever wanted to send Sametime messages directly from your LotusScript and Java agents but were unable to do so because such functionality is not currently available in Domino?

Using the powerful features included in our software you can add Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) functionality to your Domino LotusScript and Java agents in a matter of seconds.

Sametime Agent's LotusScript example

Want to send Sametime messages from your Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript or HTML applications? Not a problem! With provided servlet interface and examples you can easily add Sametime messaging and online awareness to your own applications.

This new functionality will give your existing applications new innovative ways to interact with users, enhance workflows, alarms, scheduled activities, etc.

With the help of Botstation STAgent you can transform your regular Domino agents into messaging tools capable of being programmed to perform following operations:

  • Send Sametime messages
  • Send Sametime announcements
  • Check user's online status
  • Can be used in agents, servlets, stand-alone applications
  • Send Sametime messages from Command Prompt and from Linux

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Here are just a few ideas of applying STAgent functionality in different areas:
  • Instead of sending reminders via email, deliver them instantaneously to the recipient with a Sametime message
  • Notify appropriate people about documents in the workflow which require their attention
  • Inform Helpdesk staff when an urgent issue is added to the database which requires their immediate action
  • Remind users about meetings and appointments
  • If there are several people working on a particular task, you can easily verify their online status and send a message to the first available person.

It's very easy to begin using STAgent functions. Within seconds you can begin using the new instant messaging features by simply pasting the STAgent's code into any existing LotusScript and Java agent!

There are examples accompanying the application to show how to use the different functions.

STAGent is not restricted only to Domino applications. It can also be used in any Java-enabled application server such as Websphere, Jboss, Tomcat and as a stand-alone Java application.
You can use STAgent in Windows, Linux and AS400.

What STAgent do

Instantly transforms your agents into powerful collaboration tools ready for sending messages and announcements

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