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Sametime Bot Overview

What is a Sametime Bot

Sametime bot is an interactive program which takes user's request via chat interface, analyzes it, makes necessary operations (lookups, computations) and then outputs appropriate answer back to the user.



What makes Botstation Sametime Bot different from other bot solutions:

Unlimited number of easy-configurable questions
Same bot instance can process multiple questions
Use output from LotusScript agents as answer to the user
Re-use your existing formulas to compute answers
Support for Web Services
Works on both Windows and Linux
Wide range of information sources (Domino, SQL, Web, files)
Possibility to add third party AI engine to handle user's questions

sametime bot animated example

The only Sametime bot you need

  • Unlimited number of easy-configurable answers. You can create unlimited number of advanced functions with just moderate programming skills. For simple answers and answers based on content of files no programming is needed.

  • One bot for all requests. Users do not need to add a separate bot to their buddy list for every function they wish to use, single bot handles all functions. Every function has it's own access list for defining access/no access users.

  • Cross-platform solution. You can run Botstation Bot on all platforms which support Java, such as Windows, Linux.

Give your old applications a new life cycle

  • Re-use your existing agents. If you already have LotusScript/Java agents which you would like to give your users access to, you can use output from those agents in bot's answers. It is done by simply pasting a small code snippet into your agents. Using LotusScript and Java agents makes Bot's possibilities virtually unlimited.

  • Re-use your existing formulas. You can paste your lookup and computation formulas into bot's "answer configuration document" and set output from that formula to be bot's answer to user. This is a very easy way to give users access to information in your databases. Example of such function would be a simple NAB lookup, which you can see in examples section.

  • Wide range of information sources. You can choose to retrive information from a large number of sources, such as text files, Intranet web pages, ODBC sources. See features section for more info.

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