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STAgent API for Programmatic Sametime Messaging

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Have you ever wanted to send Sametime messages directly from your own applications but were unable to do so because such functionality is not currently available for your development platform?

Using the powerful features of our software you can add Sametime instant messaging functionality to your applications in a matter of seconds.

You can send messages, announcements, check user's online status using one of the following:

STAgent Java API for standalone programs and Domino agents

STAgent LotusScript API for Domino agents

URL calls to servlet

Visual Basic example

Command line tools

Domino console

Download evaluation version today and begin using Sametime functionality in your applications!

STAgent Java API:

STAgent stagent=new STAgent();
String result=stagent.login("stserver.company.com", "Notification Agent", "password");
result=stagent.getOnlineStatus("John Doe");
result=stagent.sendMessage("John Doe","message from Java R6");

STAgent LotusScript API for Lotus Domino:

Sub SendMessages()
result = STAgent.login("stserver.company.com", "Notification Agent", "password")
result = STAgent.getOnlineStatus("John Doe") 'check if user is online
result = STAgent.sendAnnouncement("John Doe", "test announcement")
result = STAgent.sendMessage("John Doe", "test message")
result= STAgent.logout()
End Sub
Message Announcement
Sametime Message example Sametime Announcement example

URL calls to STAgent-enabled servlet:


Visual Basic example of sending a Sametime message:

Dim xml, tmp
Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
xml.Open "GET", "http://stserver.company.com/servlet/stagent_servlet?username=John+Doe&type=announcement&text=hello", False
result = xml.responseText
MsgBox result
Set xml = Nothing

With a simple shell command you can send an instant message to any Sametime user:

c:\stagent>sendmessage.bat "john doe" "hello john"

user@localhost$ sendmessage.sh "john doe" "hello john"

Using STAgent as a command line tool in Statistics & Events database:
Are you a Domno administrator? See how you can use STAgent to send Sametime alerts from Statistics & Events database: Link

Sending messages from Domino console:

Are you a Domno administrator? See how you can use STAgent to send Sametime messages from Domino console: Link


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