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* Sametiming ['seim'taimiη] sending instant messages using Sametime chat client or tools like STAgent.


SMS123 - GUI and API for sending SMS text messages from Lotus Notes and Domino

Collaboration Products Overview

Tools to enhance collaboration features of Domino and Sametime.

Sametime tool for LotusScript, PHP, Java, VB

Whether to send a sametime message or announcement to users, or just check user's online status, Botstation Sametime Agent provides you with ready to use code to put in use immediately.

STAgent contains:
Sametime API for LotusScript and Java agents.
Servlet solution for Sametime messaging from Websphere, VB, PHP, Javascript, HTML.

What STAgent can do for you:
  • Send Sametime messages
  • Send Sametime announcements
  • Check user's online status
  • Can be used in agents, servlets, stand-alone applications
  • Send Sametime messages from Command Prompt and from Linux
  • Send messages from VB, PHP, JavaScript, HTML

How to implement STAgent in your applications:

Simple copy-paste procedure enables your agents to perform most common Sametime tasks.
Just follow the included examples and you are ready to begin Sametiming*!

Image info: All LotusScript code you need to send a Sametime message.
Sametime Agent's LotusScript example


Sametime Bot

An excellent addition to your Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) infrastructure. Easy to maintain and expand, provides single point of access to many internal systems via simple interactive interface of Sametime client.

- Users can ask this automated intelligent agent common question through their Sametime client, web browser or PDA and get answer immediately.
- Administrators can trigger execution of tasks, create reports from RDBMS databases.
- Sales people can lookup customer info combined from different sources in a matter of seconds, lookup phone number of work colleges while out of office using cell phone or PDA.

Image info: Sametime Bot processes multiple questions.
Sametime Bot


Happy Sametiming!

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