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Sametime Bot Features

bot featuresSame bot handles virtually unlimited number of questions and users

Easy creation of answers with no programming skills makes it possible to create very usefull functions even for people who are not Java or Domino developers.

And with some basic Domino programming skills you can create advanced formula lookups and LotusScript-based answers.

Application comes with many examples of implementing Formula language and LotusScript agents. You can use those examples to create your own functions.

Single bot for all functions makes it convenient for user and allows you to constantly add more functions without having to worry about adding new bots to user's buddy list.

Unlimited number of bot questions/functions can be created. Most other bots can handle only 1 hardcoded question or 1 type of action (for example lookup in a view).

Functions can be added and removed without restarting the bot.

Reuse of existing LotusScript and Java agents: Formula language functions, LotusScript agents, external Java classes can be reused in the bot.

Queue system for handling large number of simultaneous requests.

Logging incoming and outgoing messages to Notes database for collecting statistics.

Access list of who may use specific bot functions.

Platform independent Java code and DIIOP makes it possible to run bot application on Windows, Linux and other OS.

Content of text files can be used as answer to requests.

Information from any web site can be presented to user in formatted form with help of web-fetching agent included with bot,

Get information from internal and external Web Services.

Remote access (DIIOP) for accessing remote databases if no Notes/Domino software is installed on server/workstation.

Support for different types of information sources: Domino databases, web, file system, Java programs, SQL.

Integration with ALICE AIML chat engine and other chat engines can be easily added to bot.


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