Lotus Notes, Sametime and Java working together

Sametime and Domino solutions
Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime software made easy

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Benefits of using Sametime Bot

  • bot benefits Employee self-service
    Increased productivity when employees have instantaneous access to
    FAQ, calendars and other functions via simple interface.
    Helpdesk gets less questions about simple tasks which users can perform by themself.

  • Add real-time activity to workflow and business processes
    Enhance workflow applications by adding human participation to time-sensitive business processes. Bot helps you to automate notifications and reminders to responsible persons, considerably speeding up the approval process.

  • Speed of searches
    When speed of information search is a requirement, bot can significantly decrease search time by using various caching techniques and algorithms.
    To find information about a customer, prospect or employee can take a while if required information is located in different sources accessed by different programs. Bot collects all info for you and presents it in the desired format.

  • Rapid development
    With minimal programming skills you can quickly create new bot functions which users can begin using straight away.

  • Little or no user training
    Simple commands which remind of natural language makes it easy for users to ask bot for information about different subjects.

  • Access via web browser or wireless devices
    With STWidget, Sametime Links and Sametime Everyplace you can access your bot virtually from any place in the world using a web browser or a WAP-enabled mobile phone .

  • Run on your existing Domino server, on Linux and Windows OS
    Our bot does not take much resources and can be run on your existing Domino server computer. It can run on the majority of OS which support Java, such as Windows and Linux.

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